Why the retired Patriarch was elected to lead the Armenian Catholic Church?

Why the retired Patriarch was elected to lead the Armenian Catholic Church?

Patriarch_Gregory_Peter_XX_Ghabroyan_Courtesy_of_the_Armenian_Catholic_He had once retired from his active ecclesiastical life. Gregory Peter XX Ghabroyan, on his 80s, has been elected to lead the Armenian Catholic Church. The aged but agile patriarch renowned for his energy and authority as necessary when dealing with current issues, particularly those in the Middle East, was found worthy to lead the Church.

“When he talks he talks with authority. He has the charisma to have people listen to him and to appreciate what he’s saying to them. He’s a person that when he talks to you, he convinces you. At 80 years old … the physical vigor he has is of someone who is in his 50s or 60s” Fr. Thomas Garabedian said about the new Patriarch.

The eighty year old Patriarch, who wakes up early and goes to bed a little late, so his whole day is filled with work, is an inspiration for the young generation. “It’s really somebody who is very well disciplined and authoritative who we needed at this one juncture of our life in the Armenian Catholic Church” adds Fr. Garabedian.

Patriarch Ghabroyan had been retired for two years prior to his election last week. Born in Aleppo in 1934, Patriarch Ghabroyan had been ordained a priest of the Institute of Patriarchal Clergy of Bzommar in 1959. In 1977 he was ordained a bishop and appointed the Armenian Apostolic Exarch of France.

The Armenian Catholic Church, an Eastern Church with about 1 million followers, is in full communion with the Pope.