When sainthood becomes a family affair

SisterF-Tface-255x301The daughter is the most renowned, one of the most loved saints of the Church. She is none other than St. Therese of Lisieux, lovingly called St. Little Flower. She is not just a saint, but a doctor of the Church. Now her parents Louis Martin and Celie Guerin are on the royal road to sainthood. Their canonization is set to take place on 18th October, eighteenth day of their famous daughter’s feast day. Here comes another good news for the Louis Martin family of ‘Le Buissonet’. Leonia Martin, another daughter of Louis-Celie couple and elder sister of St. Therese is on the way to sainthood as her cause for canonization is officially opened.

Leonia is the third daughter of Blessed Louis Martin and Celie Gueri. Her cause was officially opened on 2nd July by Bishop Jean-Claude Boulanger of Bayeux-Lisieux in the chapel of the Visitation Monastery of Caen. It was here that Leonia spent most of her life and breathed her last. Leonia has received the title ‘Servant of God’ with the official opening of her cause.
“Leonia, ‘the difficult’ sister of St. Therese is on the path toward sainthood. It is a reminder that holiness is call for everyone,” said Fr. Antonio Sangalli, Leonia’s postulator. “Although she was expelled thrice from the convent, she achieved her goal of becoming a religious, which shows that if we persevere, it is possible to do God’s will” he added. Leonia died on 17 June, 1941 at the age of 78.


A. Fraizer.