“Turn from ‘empty thrills’ to Christ” Pope exhorts to young people

Things that thrilled you once might have now become empty. One might be thinking desperately that their existence have turned a waste. To such people, Pope Francis says, “Look to Christ, for only he can bring lasting fulfillment. Jesus can give you true passion for life!”

The Holy Father was speaking on a massive welcoming ceremony at Krakow’s Blonia Park as part of World Youth Day celebrations.

Young people today are entering into an “early retirement.” Others waste their lives seeking out “empty thrills” in order to feel alive. Pope said that he feels sorry for the young people squandering some of the best years of their lives, wasting their energies running after peddlers of fond illusions.

The Pontiff challenged young people to seek for lasting fulfillment. “It is not a thing or an object, but a person, and he is alive. His name is Jesus Christ” the Pope said.