“Transsexuals cannot be godparents,” clarifies Vatican

“Transsexuals cannot be godparents,” clarifies Vatican

baptismThe Holy See clarified that transsexuals cannot be godparents in its reply to question raised by a Spanish bishop. The cleric in the diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta said that Vatican was giving a formal answer on the matters of transsexuals becoming godfathers.

Vatican’s doctrinal arm stated that “transsexuals publicly show an attitude contrary to the moral requirement to resolve one`s sexual identity problem according to the truth of one`s sex”.

Pope Francis, in tune with the Church’s teaching, said: “this behaviour is against man`s nature,” Bishop adds on his diocese`s website.

The issue was taken into the notice by the bishop when a transsexual, who was born a woman, was asked to be a godfather to his nephew.

While responding in the negative, Vatican also clarified that its stand on transsexual godparents should not be taken as discrimination..