Through women, among women and finally to God

Through women, among women and finally to God

Jenna_Guizar_of_Blessed_Is_She_Courtesy_of_Jenna_Guizar_CNAJenna Guizar is a firm believer. This belief in Christ had prompted her to spread the Good News to everyone. So, today, apart from being a wife, mother of three daughters and being a full time respiratory therapist at a local hospital in Tempe, Ariz, Guizar holds another responsibility too. She is the Creative Director for “Blessed is She,” an online women’s ministry for Catholic women.

Guizar was managing a personal blog a year ago for close friends and family. But she found that the Protestant had overpowered the area of online Bible studies and related matters. This prompted her to adopt novel methods for studying Bible.

“I found that it was lacking in the Catholic world,” Guizar said. “That idea of doing bible studies together as a group or even studying the word together, and online resources for people to study the word on their phone or on their tablets or on the Internet.”

The idea conceived by her was given birth by launching the online site, “Blessed is She.” The site is a women’s ministry that has community and devotions based on the daily readings at its heart. The new venture was received wholeheartedly by the women community. This was understood from the responses she received when Guizar approached the blogging Catholic women to contribute their talents for writing devotions.

The Online initiative is a support for those women who feel isolation especially in the metropolitan cities, where it would be difficult to meet other Catholics. “And I realized that in the online world, people would say, ‘I’m blogging and I’ve finally found this community that I’ve been searching for,’” Guizar said.

With just an year and half of its launching, the online site now has 9,000 subscribers to the daily e-mail and tens of thousands of visitors to the website every day.