Thousands of schools closed down in Yemen

yemenThe warfare is adversely affecting the future of Yemen, as around 2 million children are forced to abandon their schools, while more than 3,600 schools were closed down. According the reports given by UNICEF, is the impact of the crumbling educational system is going to have devastating impact on the future.

Yemen, fighting with Houthi forces taking Aden, was backed up by Saudi Arabia on 26 Mrach. Four months of air raids and civil war have killed more than 3,500 people in Yemen. Aden has suffered terribly with lack of food, medicine and fuel. Schools are closed down, with people running to safety.

United Nations organization is trying hard to put an end to the dangerous situation by supplying exercise book, pencils and bags to Yemeni Children. Yemen’s ministry is also trying to mobilize teachers along with raising temporary tents for classrooms.