The saint who raised the dead

The saint who raised the dead

3-10-700x438On Ash Wednesday in 1218, St. Dominic was in a chapter house along with few cardinals discussing some administrative issues. Suddenly, someone rushed to the door in a horrifying manner. The man was “tearing his hair, and   making great lamentation, crying out.” He carried a bad news that the nephew of one of the cardinals present had recently been thrown from his horse and killed.

The Cardinal fell into deep sorrow. St Dominic tried to console him with some soothing words. But his efforts were in vain. After some time, St Dominic took control of the situation and ordered that the dead man’s body must be brought and Mass must be celebrated in the nearby church.

In the Mass, Dominic prayed by shedding tears. The Mass offered was so special that something incredible occurred in it. Other than transubstantiation, something unnatural occurred. While Dominic raised the Body and Blood of Christ into the air, he fell into a religious ecstasy and the believers found him floating in the air.

After the Mass, Dominic led everyone near the dead man’s corpse. He knelt down and prayed in silence for some time. He stood back up and made the sign of cross. He started levitating and pronounced, “I say to thee, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, arise!” With the intervention of God, the dead man regained his life and he arose unharmed.

The news of the miracle reached to the people like hot cakes. Everyone praised the strength of God.