The Saint who asked to stop miracles!

The Saint who asked to stop miracles!

francisMiracles are often considered the signs of sainthood. People often flock around the shrines of saints expecting some miracles to happen. Even beatification or canonization requires proven miracles. Do you know that there once lived a saint who prayed to stop miracles?

The saint is none other than Saint Francis of Assisi, the second Christ. This incident occurred in the year 1220. There was a saintly brother named Peter Catani among the Friar Minors. It was to him that Francis entrusted the governance of the Order. But, unfortunately he died just five months after this.

Numerous miracles began to occur from the tomb of the holy brother. People from far and near started to flock the Porziuncola, to the extent of disturbing the daily life of the Franciscans. Francis sensed the danger. He feared that miracles could sometimes spoil the simplicity of their life. People would shower offerings and the friars might get attached to the riches. Hence, Francis asked in prayer to Peter to stop the miracles. Thus the reports of miracles stopped and the friars returned to a peaceful and simple life.

The message is that even miracles are an impediment if they come in the way of one’s genuine relationship with God, and impede a virtuous life. Miracles are only a sign that remind us about the power of God. Never forget the person of God, when you chase miracles.


A. Fraizer