The Pope and cars

The Pope and cars

Pope-Francis-Renault-superJumboThe world has been used to see Pope in Popemobiles, and expensive cars of world’s leading brands. The memebers of the Catholic Church expect their leader to travel in style and grandeur. But, since the election of Pope Francis, things have changed. He has been often spotted riding a white 1984 used Renault through the streets of Vatican!

The Pope stunned the world on the night he was elected as the Supreme Pontiff by riding alongside the cardinals back to Casa Santa Marta, which was a clear indication of his preference for the commoner’s transport. The black Mercedes that awaited the new Pontiff left without a passenger.

The Mercedes was ready for his the next morning. But the People’s Pope preferred a Volkswagen model provided by the Vatican’s Gendarmerie. He always chose the modest ones. He arrived at Ciampino airport in a Ford Focus and at WYD in Rio used Fiat SUV.

But, he has not altogether shunned the tradition. He still he still uses the popemobile. His favorite choice is an open Mercedes-Benz G Class, which makes it easier for him to greet the people. The Pope makes these choices while he could easily choose the most expensive cars in the world for free, as leading luxury car companies usually give the Pope some of their best vehicles for free.