The Holy Father is also a loving ‘uncle!’

The Holy Father is also a loving ‘uncle!’

uncle popNobody doubts the fatherly love and father-like personality of Pope Francis. The Holy Father of Catholic Church is not just a loving father, but a lovable and caring uncle too. The testimony comes from his own nephew Jose Ignacio Bergoglio. Francis was “a thoughtful, attentive and likeable uncle, lover of good cooking and always ready to give “good advice” says Ignacio. Jose Ignacio Bergoglio is the son of Maria Elena, the only living sister of Pope Francis.

Jose Ignacio recalls the night Francis was elected the Pope, “He called my mother, and to the question ‘How are you?’ he answered ‘Well, gordita” [an expression of affection]. Then he added: “I couldn’t refuse.”

Ignacio adds that Francis did not want to be Pope. “As every Jesuit, he was and is a detached person and then he felt very connected to his Buenos Aires. To the question if he wished to become Pope, obviously he answered ‘no,’ but at the moment of the election there wasn’t a choice: he had to accept. He knew it was God’s plan.”

“In my opinion, the Holy Spirit works in him, because I see him rejuvenated, loose, free, happy, about the things he’s carrying forward. It’s known that when he entered the Society of Jesus he wanted to be a missionary, but health problems blocked his purpose. Today, instead, he does so and can allow himself this grandiose luxury,” he noted.

Ingancio also recalls how Pope’ mother was unwilling to accept Jorge Mario’s decision to become a priest. She feared that she would lose her eldest son. To tell the truth my uncle had promised my grandmother that he would begin his studies in medicine, but in the end he chose to heal souls,” Ignacio reveals.

But finally his mother discovered the secret. One day, Regina went to Francis’ room and, to her great surprise, she discovered that he was following a course to enter the Seminary! There were books in Latin, of Theology. Mother asked: “Jorge, you’ve lied to me.” “No, mother, I’m studying medicine for souls,” was the answer of the future Pope. Having accepted his decision, however, Regina experienced “great happiness.”

Revealing his own personal relationship with the Pope, Ignacio remarks that Francis was a thoughtful and attentive uncle. “He always gave good advice. We always had an excellent relationship and he has always supported us when close and from afar” the nephew concludes.