The great Saint who raised 33 persons from the dead

The great Saint who raised 33 persons from the dead

513_StPatrickSt. Patrick is the most renowned among saints for raising people from the dead. A life abounding in miracles, the Apostle of Ireland is said to have raised at least 33 persons from the dead. The people he brought back to life include women, children, brothers and sisters, princes and princesses!

The first bishop of Armagh, Primate of Ireland, Patrick was born around the year 385 AD in Scotland, to Roman parents. As a young boy of fourteen years, Patrick was taken captive by raiders and hauled off to tend sheep as a slave in Ireland. During the time, Ireland was filled with pagans and Druids. While in captivity, he learned their language and customs. He was a man of great faith and he prayed ardently to God.

Years passed and when he was around twenty years old, Patrick had a dream in which God told him to find a way to escape. Some sailors rescued him and he rejoined his family in Britain. Often dreams guided Patrick to envision his destiny, and to receive messages. In one of such messages, he saw a large group of Irish people calling him to return.

Patrick studied for the priesthood and was later ordained a bishop. He felt God calls him to return to Ireland and teach the people about Jesus and the Gospel. Upon his arrival back in Ireland, one of the tribal chieftains wanted to kill him. But, the chieftain’s hand was miraculously stiffened and he was not able to move his arm. He realized that Patrick is no ordinary man, and he repented. Instantly, his arm was cured.

Many miracles are attributed to the saint. He is said to have healed and brought back to life several mad cows owned by his aunt. In another incident, Patrick brought his foster father back to life following a sudden collapse. When his sister slipped and fell and received death blow to the head, he made the sign of the cross on her forehead. She awoke and from then on bore that white cross on her forehead. He stopped a flood and created warm fires in yet another story of his famous miracles.

By the time he was at the end of his life, Patrick had created over 300 churches and baptized over 120,000 persons in Ireland. He worked in Ireland for over 40 years, but died in poverty on March 17, 461. In recognition of his holiness and extraordinary life, he was canonized by the Catholic Church. He died in Saul, which was the site of the first church he had built in Ireland.