The gaze that transformed “Barabbas”

The gaze that transformed “Barabbas”

barrabas“Not this one, but Barabbas!” the crowd shouted. They wanted the release of Barabbas instead of Jesus Christ. Pilate, internally convinced that Jesus is a just man, tried to release Jesus; but ultimately succumbed to the persisting crowd, who elected Barabbas.

We find no further mention about Barabbas in the Scriptures. What remain are legacies unverified. But that is not the case with the ‘Barabbas’ of the ‘Passion of the Christ’.

Pedro Sarubbi, the man who donned the role of Barabbas in the epic film by Mel Gibson, has just a cameo of two minutes to perform in the classic movie. Nevertheless, the movie turned out to be decisive in the life of Sarubbi. It changed his life for good!

Mel Gibson had instructed Sarubbi not to look at the face of Jim Caviezel, the actor who enacted Jesus, until his turn came. Later in an interview given to a publication named, “Alpha and Omega,” Pedro Sarubbi disclosed that when his eyes met Jesus, it was like seeing the real Jesus. Sarubbi had an inner feeling of his soul inflamed. A divine surge within! The actor had never experienced anything like that in his entire acting career. That was the moment of ‘Barabbas’ conversion!

Today, Sarubbi is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. Every day, he receives Holy Communion and preaches the kingdom of God. Although, he travels across the world, he makes sure that he spends time at home and at his farm on the outskirts of Milan, with his wife and four children in the midst of dozens of animals.