The End of Wars: Chapter – 18

The End of Wars: Chapter – 18

Chapter – 18

eowI felt my world suddenly lost; my skies fallen down and crumbled. The sight of ‘Moon Uncle’ moved me to tears, and I became scared to raise my eyes to the skies at nights. Rain had suddenly lost its charm. Rain poured down sorrows. I felt sorry. I felt angry. I felt terribly wronged.

One day, by the riverside, I watched with blank eyes the canoes floating in wait for fish. I no more felt the earlier charm of the sight. Mani came and sat beside me. He tried to revive my spirits by telling me some nice things. His attempts to amuse me with his pranks failed miserably. Finally, he left me to myself and went away. I sat there, looking blankly into the rippling river.

Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a piece of brown rag floating on water. The waves nudged it to the shore where I was crouching. It was not a rag. It was actually the corpse of a brown coloured dog – a dog dead somewhere far away, and flowed all the way down the river. It had begun decaying. Its eyes had protruded.

The sight frightened me. I had seen many dead things before. I had seen dead fish. Dead fowls. Dead frogs. Dead squirrels. Even dead dogs. But, never before did I felt death as now. For the first time in my life I thought of death; of destiny.

What happens to anyone when one dies? The question haunted me for a longtime. It haunts me ever. Later in my life, many lives lay dead before me, and I almost got bored by the monotony of thinking about the destination of man. Because no philosopher can battle. In front of the numerous lives that came to a halt by my rifle, I faced this haunting question. After the first embarrassment, I gradually learned to laugh it off. And many times I have kicked it off with a sombre insensitiveness. But now, the question does re-emerge, stronger than ever.

What happens to anyone when one dies?


(to be continued…)


by Abhilash Fraizer