The Demon-Fighter: St. Padre Pio’s encounters with demon

St. Padre Pio was one of the famous saint lived in the 20th centuary with stigmas on his body. His saintly life was often tested by the demonic forces which even entered in to physical attacks.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth, a leading Vatican exorcist shared the saint’s encounter with demons. They would appear before him as an ugly cat or in the shape of a truly repugnant animal to put him in terror. They would assess the young priest’s chastity by appearing as young girls in nude and provocative manner.

Surprisingly, the devils would even appear in sacred form, as the Lord, the Virgin or as St. Francis. But the saint could identify the devil’s tactic. He would feel certain timidity when the Virgin or the Lord first appeared. Soon he would feel at ease after their disappearance. In some cases he would feel immediate joy and attraction followed by sorrow. But one thing was sure that no devil could frighten him since he was close to the heart of Jesus.