The Creator calls! Will you respond with your creativity?

CreationAt some point of life, you’d definitely encounter your Creator, sooner or later. It’ll be an ineffable moment of self discovery. The moment you’ll discover the purpose of your existence on earth; your unique existence as the person called you! That is the precious moment a creation encounters the Creator, discover the meaning of his own creative powers. Perhaps, this might be the time!
The world of technology needs the Word Eternal!
The modern world has been witnessing tremendous technological revolution during the last few decades. Latest inventions and innovations in technology have profoundly influenced the lifestyle and thinking patterns of the new generation. It has become essential to address the questions and problems of the youth in their own sphere – the technological sphere. So, we take the route of technology to evangelize. We will find out new ways to give Christ through the ways open to us by Information Technology.
Techies for Christ Meet
‘Techies for Christ Meet’ is a two day gathering exclusively of Technocrats and IT Professionals with a spark within, throbbing for the Creator. Anyone in the IT field, who keeps a personal desire to do something for God in his own sphere, in his own very unique way, can be a part of it. Just two days set apart to be with God, listening to His Word, to reflect upon how your creativity can be channelized to spread the Good News of God for the glory of God and the good of mankind.
The Meet which begins with registration at 6 pm on 11th September 2015, at the chosen venue Ashir Bhavan, Kacherippady, Ernakulam will be packed with inspiring talks, reflections, workshops, group discussion, prayer and the Holy Eucharist. The Meet is envisioned as a residential retreat, with food and accommodation arranged at Ashir Bhavan.

The Meet will conclude by 4 pm on 13th September 2015.

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