The birthday of a tabernacle

The birthday of a tabernacle

mary1In a way, the world is immensely indebted to Mary for the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. The redemption, in a distant way, starts with the birth of Mary. All Catholics around the world are preparing for the Feast of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, which falls on 8th September. At this juncture, it is apt that we have a glimpse on the birth of the Blessed Mother, as depicted in the accounts passed down to us by the tradition.

There are no references given in the Bible about the Virgin Mary’s infancy and early life. The Protoevangelium of James is one of the earliest known description about Mary’s birth. Let us have a journey through the account.

Joachim was a wealthy member of one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Though he possessed physical wealth and appeared happy, he had deep lingering sorrow within. God had not blessed the couple with a child. He was often teased by the neighbors for being childless. Joachim and his wife Anne prayed tearfully for a child.

Joachim strongly believed that God would answer his prayer. He had read Abraham’s incident from the Bible. The couple devoted their time extensively for fasting and for rigorous prayer.

Once Anne was praying in the garden, an angel appeared before her and prophesied about the birth of their child. The angel revealed to Anne, “The Lord has heard your prayer, and you shall conceive, and shall bring forth, and your seed shall be spoken of in the entire world.”

As told, Anne gave birth to a beautiful girl child. Thus the person to carry the Son of God was born. God filled her with the special grace to be worthy to become the mother of His Son.

Counting from December 8, the immaculate conception of Mary, September 8 is chosen as the day to celebrate the birthday of Mother Mary. Among the long list of saints, the Church solemnly celebrates the birthday of Mother Mary and John the Baptist other than the birth of the Savior himself..