Thai King’s bond with Pope John Paul

Thai King’s bond with Pope John Paul

A recent video released by the Thai Catholic Media showed the deceased Thailand king’s connection with the leaders of the Catholic community. The video showed Bhumibol Adulyadej meeting with several church officials including Saints Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II.

King Bhumibol died Thursday because of poor health. He reigned over Thailand since 1946. He holds the record of the longest ruling king in Thailand and as the prolonged ruling monarch in the world.

Though the King was a Buddhist, he kept a fine relationship with Vatican. Once in 1960 the King visited Rome and had invited the then Pope John XXIII to come to Thailand. In response to the King’s invitation, Pope John Paul visited Thailand in 1984.

“As the ‘Upholder of All Religions’ in Thailand, His Majesty the King has shown personal concern for the free practice of religions other than Buddhism in his country. For this reason, too, I have been honored by his invitation,” Pope John Paul said during his farewell ceremony in Thailand.

After the canonization of two Pope saints, King Adulyadej was presented with their relics. He received a vial of blood from St. John Paul II and a piece of skin from St. John XXIII.