A story on “Miracles from Heaven”

poster-xlargeYoung Anna was cursed with a serious incurable disease. The disease prevented her from eating. That was the initial symptom of the disease. Her parents took her to various doctors to slow the growth of disease or at least to reduce her sufferings. Their efforts were in vain.

But one day everything was at ease. Anna after walking up from the coma said she had been to heaven. Thus the movie received the name, “Miracles from Heaven.”

The new Hollywood movie is based on the true life incidents of Anna Beam, who was cured miraculously from various diseases. Jennifer Garner acts as the protagonist in the movie directed by Patricia Riggen. She said that the film helped her to polish her faith after keeping it in dull colour for a decade.

The movie also highlighted the family’s faith in the midst of adversities.

“We need a solution. We need it now.”

“Then we’ll get it.”


“By not losing our faith.”

The US movie was released on March 16.