Stay or separate, there is no midway!

jesus“Jesus does not retract or soften his words, when some of his disciple left Jesus, saying his words are hard. The disciples’ “great enthusiasm” dampens when Jesus says he has come that his flesh and blood might be food and drink. The Gospel recounts that upon hearing these words many of the disciples left and returned to their old lives.” Pope Francis breaking the word for the faithful gathered for Sunday Angelus at St. Peter’s Square.

Jesus makes no effort to stop them from going away, by softening his words or pacifying them. He makes his point very clear. He “forces us to make a clear choice: to stay with him or to separate ourselves from him.”

“The true cause of misunderstanding (Jesus’) words is a lack of faith,” the Holy Father concluded.

The Pope went one to point out three key elements required to understand and accept the teachings of Christ. First, a recognition of Jesus’ divine origins; second, that his words could only be understood “through the action of the Holy Spirit”; and finally, that the absence of faith is the true cause of being unable to understand Jesus’ words.

Juxtaposed to the response of these disciples is the reaction of St. Peter, who exclaimed: “To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

“From Peter’s question, we understand that faithfulness to God is a question of fidelity to a person, with whom we are joined in walking together along the same road. And this person is Jesus” Pope concluded..