Sacrament of confession serves as prime means of encountering God’s mercy, says Pope Francis

The sacrament of confession serves as the prime means of encountering God’s mercy, wrote Pope Francis in his message sent on Monday to Italy’s National Liturgical Week, being held in Gubbio.

In Confession “there is fulfilled the encounter with the re-creating mercy of God whence come new women and men who announce the good life of the Gospel by a life which is reconciled and reconciling,” the Pope said in the message. It was signed by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and was sent on August 22 to Bishop Claudio Maniago of Castellaneta, president of Italy’s Center for Liturgy.

The theme of this year’s Liturgical Week would reflect on “liturgy as a place of mercy.” The Pope continued in his message by saying, “We are reconciled so as to reconcile. The mercy of the Father cannot be confined in ‘intimistic’ and ‘self-consoling’ attitudes, because its potency is demonstrated in the renewal of persons, rendering them capable of offering to others a living experience of the same gift.”

The Holy Father concluded his message with the hope that the celebration of Italy’s Liturgical Week would promote an “ecclesial and personal life full of mercy and compassion.”