Religious alliance in Taiwan voices against McDonald’s commercial

Religious alliance in Taiwan voices against McDonald’s commercial

160308164300-mcdonalds-viral-taiwan-ad-orig-00001222-large-169A religious alliance in Taiwan asked the people to boycott MacDonald’s latest advertisement. The religious alliance argued that the commercial openly promoted gay issues.

The commercial titled “Acceptance” picturised a father and a son sitting at a table at MacDonald’s outlet. The son gets a coffee cup for father with a sentence written on it saying, “I like boys.”

Father got upset and he left the table. He returned after sometimes and wrote three characters on the coffee cup: “I accept that you like boys.” Both of them exchanged smiles and the ad ended with the tagline, “let there be more warmth in conversations.”

The Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of Family urged parents to boycott the MacDonald’s. They argued that it “does not approve of the ideological stand behind the advertisement.”

The Catholic Church in Taiwan is also a member of the alliance. But many Catholics mentioned the alliance’s statement as inappropriate and even asked whether Church wanted to be a part of it.