Priest to light up blind deacon’s “Unseen” life

B.Still00111When Jamie Dennis was seven or eight years old, he played Mass in the backyard on a hay bill. He used a dog dish and a can of Flogers coffee as his patent and chalice. He offered Mass for dogs and cats. After growing up, he did not give up his burning desire to become a priest. So, not even his blindness was capable of hindering his desire.

Fr. Josh McCarty who is the Catholic priest in diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky is producing a documentary called “Unseen” on the particular deacon who is now 99 percent blind.

“Really my mom noticed my vision loss as soon as I was probably six months old. When mom would come into a room and call my name sometimes I would not always reach for her in the direction that she was standing. My vision is like looking through less than a three milometer pin hole. So, when I was younger it was like looking through a toilet paper roll,” said deacon Dennis about his own childhood.

The documentary’s majority of the works like, planning, directing and post-production works would be done by Fr. McCarthy amidst his priestly ministry. The documentary would be produced by his own production company called Lolek Productions.