Pope intention was not to defame Trump, says Archbishop Gomez

Abp_Jose_Gomez_at_the_Pontifical_North_American_College_on_May_2_2015_Credit_Daniel_Ibanez_CNA_5_2_15Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said that the statements made by Pope Francis on Donald Trump were not meant to defame him. It should not overshadow the underlying reason for the papal visit, he added.

Archbishop Gomez described Pope Francis’s Mexican visit as an ‘emotional one’, adding that his intention was to bring hope and mercy to the poor and oppressed Mexican people. “That’s what the Pope was saying – that immigration is about people, not economics or politics. It’s about children and families who are suffering,” he said.

“The Pope was obviously deeply moved by the human tragedy of millions of people suffering from the corruption of leaders, criminal gangs, human trafficking, violence and poverty, economic injustice”, Archbishop Gomez added.