Pope Francis walked into an optician’s shop and asked…

Pope Francis walked into an optician’s shop and asked…

New-GlassesIvan had come to the optical shop of Alessandro Spiezia to have an eye test. After having his eyes tested, Ivan just got up. He couldn’t believe his eyes! Someone who resembled Pope Francis is entering into the shop. He wiped his eyes and look once again. Yes. It is the Pope himself! The Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church has come to the optical shop, all alone!

“I don’t want to change the frames,” Pope said to Alessandro Spiezia, the shop owner: “Just new lenses” he added.

Pope Francis, the leader of a billion plus believers, visiting an optical shop all alone and examining a variety of lenses! That was the last thing the passersby at Vatican could ever expect. The locals and the tourists, who caught sight of the Pope, screamed: “Run, there’s the Pope!’

Alessandro Spiezia was supposed to go the Vatican on Wednesday. But Francis’ secretary informed him that the Pope wanted to instead go to his shop.

The encounter lasted about 40 minutes. Meanwhile Spezia gave the Pope an eye examination. Francis made sure to settle his bill, saying “Please, Alessandro, let me pay what is owed.”

“Pope Francis and John Paul II, people of extraordinary simplicity, understood how life should be lived, because before becoming priests, they were men” comments an elated Alessandro..