Pope Francis to have a new personal doctor

patrizio_polisca_1As the term of Pope Francis’ present personal doctor comes to an end, he is expected to choose a new doctor in September. Pope will have a new doctor when he makes his visit to Cuba and the United States.

Patrizio Polisca, who began his service during the time of Benedict XVI, continued his service when Francis ascended the Papal throne. He is also the head of the Vatican City State’s healthcare services.

Polisca, who is also a cardiologist, was appointed as head of the Vatican’s health care services in 2010. After retiring from the post of the Pope’s personal doctor, he will continue his service to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Patrizio Polisca, has worked for the Vatican since the 1980s, starting as a summer medical guard in the Papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. Polisca has also served as a supporting medical doctor on every long trip St. John Paul II took, while Pope’s health was worsening each year..