Pope Francis invites everyone to the sacrament of mercy

Pope Francis invites everyone to the sacrament of mercy

Pope-Francis-and-Global-WarmingPope Francis is so passionate towards the word ‘mercy’. On Sunday, during the Angelus, the Pope exhorted the faithful to get close to the sacrament of mercy – Confession and receive the Holy Communion.

August 2nd is the Feast of Pardon in Assisi. Every year thousands gather at Assisi to celebrate the Feast of Pardon. According to tradition, the feast had its origin when St. Francis of Assisi persuaded Pope Honorius III to grant a plenary indulgence to all those who visit the Portiuncula on Aug. 2 and confess their sins.

The feast of Pardon “is a strong call to draw close to the Lord in the sacrament of mercy and also to receive Communion,” the Pope said. Of those who are afraid to approach confessional, the pope assured that “we do not find a severe judge, but rather the immensely merciful Father.”

“It’s true that when we go to the confessional,” the Pope added, “we feel a bit of embarrassment, and that happens to everyone, to all of us, but we have to recall that this shame is also a grace that prepares us for the embrace of the Father, who always forgives and always forgives everything.”