Pak Christian woman, mother of three, kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim

pakIn Pakistan, a young Christian woman, who is married and mother of three children, was kidnapped by a Muslim, who married her forcefully. The woman named Fouzia, aged 25 is a poor farm worker settled in Pattoki , Punjab. She was abducted by Muhammad Nazir, aged 55, who is a landlord. The man forced the woman to convert to Islam and made her his wife. The man already has 8 children.

The agonized family of Fouzia, so poor they are, were at first too scared to report the matter to the police. There had been threat from Muhammad Nazir. Eventually, the family members approached a Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill, who reported the event to the police.

This is another instance of the sad plight of Christians living in Pakistan. Already the law of blasphemy had been a heavy threat to the peaceful existence of Christian there. Gill, the lawyer, says that, ““Cases like this are common, but in this case the abductor is a married man and the abducted Christian woman is also married”.