Messi and the Messiah

Messi and the Messiah

messiFor the soccer lovers, Lionel Messi is a soccer wizard, and for the Argentine soccer fans, Messi is the Messiah. The five foot seven inch tall, baby-faced football legend from the land of Pope Francis, is also an ardent admirer of Jesus Christ, like most Latin Americans. The Jesus tattoo on his right arm shouts out his admiration and love for Jesus Christ.

Messi, who often conceals his arms, while on the soccer field, exposed the Jesus tattoo after he helped Barcelona win the Champions League against the mighty Juventus. Not only did he revealed the tattoo to the cameras, but posted it on his instagram to the whole world to see and marvel. It seemed as if Messi saying: “See! Here is my Messiah!”

Often ranked among the finest players ever to have played soccer on earth, Lionel Messi was born on 24th June, 1987 at Rosario in Argentina. He is all time leading goal scorer at Champion’s League with 77 goals.

“Lionel Messi is “playing a kick-about with Jesus” was the comment the other Argentine football legend Diego Maradona commented about him a few years ago.