Meet the saint who lived over top of column for 40 years 

Meet the saint who lived over top of column for 40 years 

St. Simeon always longed to be with the God. Estranged from people he opted for lonely places where he could alone converse with the mighty. He found that people became an obstacle in his monastic life. While passing through a small town in Syria he found a strange solution to overcome the hindrance that blocked his monastic life. He found the top of a column the best place to abstain from the crowd. When the crowd moved horizontally St. Simeon moved vertically.

Born into a shepherd family towards the end of the 4th century, the young little man had an enduring thirst for Jesus. His burning desire to have Jesus prompted him to join a monastery at the age of 16. But his extreme austerity denied him the monastery life.

Even then, St. Simeon was adamant in his decision. In order to immerse himself in prayer, he chose a small hut. He stayed in the hut for a year without food and water. After days of rigorous prayer he came out of the hut in full energy. Abstaining from food for a year and finding him healthy, the people in the area proclaimed it as a miracle.

Within snatches of seconds, the news of his holiness and wisdom spread in the area. People flew closer to him to receive wisdom, prayer and advice. But the saint found disturbances in his monastic life. In order to escape from the crowd and to continue his prayer he found an innovative solution. He chose a rare location, the top of a column to carry out his prayer.

He stayed above the column for four decades. At first the column had 9feet height, which again was increased to 20 feet. He kept time limit to meet with people. Afternoons were set apart for them. Finally in 459 his body was found dead above the base of column, stooped over in prayer.