Meet the New Generation Jesus!

Meet the New Generation Jesus!

IMG_6091 lowAmazed!Dazzled!Flabergasted! I think few new-gen words are able to capture the real spectacle on the lake view ground of Sacred Hearts College Thevara, a popular college in Kerala. There he is, stretching his hands at a length of 48 feet – our very own Jesus Christ.

With those headphones, he could aptly be called a dude, totally in the new generation look. Even the ultimate Biennale team was dragged by curiosity into this attraction of the college. The wall was once dilapidated and now revamped with the graffiti of handsome Christ. This story of the task-makers, a group of smart students will leave you amazed.

A novel vision triggers young imagination

Thevara college became the venue for the Jesus youth Kerala campus conference and this grafitti was created prior to it. An idea can change your life or not, but surely could change a ruptured old wall. It sparked in the mind of Kerala Teens ministry coordinator, Nithin Thomas. Just a vision! A vision to transform this old wall into a dashing grafitti wall.

He dreamt about the mob taking ‘selfies’ in front of this wall. His dream needed a space, so he shared it with Riya, a member of the Jesus Youth, who cleverly presented it in front of the college creativity club members.”Better late than never”, in chorus voiced the club. Without wasting any time, Jaswant Aiyyar, a Brahmin youth took the initiative joined by 16 other students. Final year degree student Jaswant portrayed Nithin’s dream fabulously on that wall, marking the beginning of a task.

The New Generation Jesus

This grafitti sets a perfect example on how Jesus Christ is liked to be seen by the New generation. In addition to the Christ with a headphone, we could also see the praying angels engaged in watering the plants.The taboo new generation symbols like Facebook, twitter and many more new media indications are deliberately included in this piece.’Christ a friend in the hightechaeon’ is the feel vibed throughout the picture. Jesus who think and act alike the present youth, this grafitti becomes the testimonal to a ravishing neo concept.

Painting at the cost of Onam Celebrations

It was not an easy task at all. The wall was an old shooting range.It was totally ruptured and was levelled using putty. Approximately 25 kgs of putty was used for this purpose. Then came white washing, painting, uff!!quite a task. Finally they succeeded to create this most eye catching grafitti in the campus conference venue. Jaswant and friends completed this task for Jesus Christ at the cost of their Onam celebrations, the greatest festival of Kerala. They worked day and night with dedication and passion, which definitely did paid off.

Christ in dazzling 26

IMG_8332 low17 members of the creative club used about 30 litres to paint 2 coats on the wall.26 dazzling colours were used in this creation.

Once a deprived, unwanted and wasted shooting range, Now in range of the dreams become the most ‘creative spot’ in the college. Jaswant, Nithin and the Jesus youth members are rejoicing in the accomplishment of a reality turned dream.


by Nijool