Little child recovers from coma through Blessed Jose’s intersession

Little child recovers from coma through Blessed Jose’s intersession

Everything started with a fever. Ximena Gudalupe Magallon Galvez was only few weeks old then. Her parents had taken the baby child to Sahuayo in the Mexican state of Michoacan, the birth place of Saint Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio.

Ximena was diagnosed with fever in September 2008. Fever became worse that even her regular doctors were unable to treat her. Doctors doubted it as a sign of something more serious like pneumonia and they referred her to have x-rays. But they were unable to trace pneumonia in her body and fever still persisted.

Ximena’s parents took their child to another doctor. He said the child might have atypical pneumonia. Believing it they treated her for two months. But doctors were unable to cure the child since she was not responding to the treatments.  Ximena’s mother Galvez  wrote on her Face book page.

The child’s parents took her to a third doctor and he said Ximena had pneumococcus, a bacterial infection that caused several life threatening diseases like meningitis, severe pneumonia, and bloodstream infections. Dr. Rosendo who had earlier treated the child diagnosed that Ximena’s right lung was filled with fluid and so she immediately needed an operation. The doctors also advised the parents of the risk involved in the operation.  Ximena’s parents trusted in God and they decided to baptize her before the operation.

The operation was successful. But when the doctors examined her lung tissues, they discovered she had tuberculosis. The doctors took Ximona’s parents near her. Her mother Mrs. Galvez found that the child lost her childish smile and was barely staring at them. She told the doctor that it was not her child because her child used to smile always.

The doctors started tuberculosis treatment on Ximona. But her health conditions never improved. They again informed the parents that Ximona had a stroke and 90 percent of her brain had dead. The doctors put her into an induced coma and gave them 72 hours to see if she would live since 90 percent of her brain stopped working.

Those three days were very crucial. Ximona’s parents daily attended the Mass and sought the intersession of Blessed Jose(St. Jose not canonized then) and asked the God to work a miracle. After three days, along with the doctors Mrs. Galvez went to see her child. She placed Ximona in God’s hands and into the intersession of Blessed Jose. At that moment she opened her eyes and smiled.

The doctors were astonished, because they had done everything medically possible. They used the term “miracle” to describe the child’s recovery. Doctors took a CT scan and an encephalogram on Ximona and found that 80 percent of her brain had recovered. When examined on the very next day they found that her brain became completely healthy.

The parents were again upset when the doctors told that since she had a temporary brain damage, she would never be able to eat or walk properly. Adding to it, they said she might be blind and deaf and would not speak because of the stroke she had undergone. But Medical Science failed again in the grace of God. When Mrs. Galvez gave a bottle of milk to Ximona from the hospital, she drank eight ounces from it. The doctors were surprised again.

Later Ximona completely recovered and the family thanked God for the miracle and to Blessed Jose for intersession.

Pope Francis approved the miracle and thus he became one among the seven blesseds who were canonized by Pope Francis on October 16.

Saint Jose Luis Sánchez del Río, a Mexican martyr, was killed during the 1924-1928 religious persecution by Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles. He received martyrdom at the age of 14.