Life is not a video game; says Pope Francis

“Life is not a video game or a soap opera. It is a serious affair since the goal to achieve is eternal salvation,” said Pope Francis on Sunday to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

On Sunday, the Holy Father’s homily focused on the theme of eternal salvation and referred to the day’s Gospel reading in which a man asks Jesus how many people will be saved. The Pontiff noted that what matters was not the number, “but it is important that everyone knows which is the path that leads to salvation.”

The Pope advised the faithful that Jesus serves as the path, the door that leads to salvation. He himself declared in John’s Gospel that “I am the door.” But, the Pope continued that the door is narrow since it asks us to restrict and limit our pride and unwillingness to open ourselves to the God.

The Pope concluded by advising the faithful to seek the advice of Virgin Mary to utilize the opportunities put forward by Jesus to walk through the narrow door that leads to Jesus.