“Jesus had told about the crisis in priesthood” Sr. Briege Mckenna

sisterBriege Mckenna is someone who has to tell an amazing life story. Her story of healing has been an inexplicable mystery for the medical science and miracle of God for the believing. She was healed by Jesus from a life-crippling rheumatoid arthritis. Thence, not only she never had the disease but she had been leading a life more agile than any person of her age.

Sr. Briege says that she had vision of Christ in 1971 while she prayed before the Eucharist, during which Jesus revealed her about the mission of priesthood.

“Speak to priests, tell them what I have told you and tell them. I will use you.” Jesus said Sr. Briege. She says that for five to six hours she went into an ecstasy and she saw the whole process of an ordination. She wept profusely. She says Jesus told her there would be a crisis and shortage in the priesthood and Jesus asked her to minister to priests and strengthen their vocation.

When Sr. Briege asked the Lord what was wrong with the priesthood, she heard Jesus reply: “What do you mean, what’s wrong? It’s my priesthood. Have I ever given anything that’s not perfect?”

She took it as a call and has ministered to thousands of priests in all corners of the world ever since. She says she affirms them, encourages them, warns them and challenges them. She carries out her mission, thinking of the words Jesus told her. One thing is certain for Sr. Briege: “The prestige of the priesthood is no longer an earthly one.”