Iraqi youth gear up to express their faith at World Youth Day

Amidst the ongoing violence in Iraq, a large group of Iraqi youth has registered for the World Youth Day in Poland. “I want everyone to see a witness of faith, of suffering faith, and the faith of our group,” said Fr. Rayan Atto, who is in charge of coordinating the large group of Iraqi youth traveling to Krakow.

They do not expect anything special from the other pilgrims they would meet in Krakow. But they want to ensure the others that “we love them, they are our best friends, and we want to work in this mission with them all over the world. The only thing we need is (for them) to look at our faces: we are so happy and proud to be Christians in this area,” the priest added.

From Iraq, 315 people would be participating in the World Youth Day at Krakow. It would include two bishops 10 priests and several nuns.