Indian Seminarian sacrifices his life to save a boy

IMG_5345“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. Possibly this verse of Jesus Christ from the Gospels must have been the favourite verse of Brother Nikhil George, when he decided to join the seminary. Brother Nikhil George, doing his regency at San Juan Bhavan, Unichira, Kerala, India, literally laid down his life to save a 12 year old altar boy who was drowning in a 20 feet deep pond.

Brother Nikhil, a native of Kannur, saw one of the two boys drowning in the pond, and instantly jumped into the river. He saved the boys before succumbing to the irrevocable fate. The mishap occurred on Saturday at 6.15 pm , but his body was recovered by fire force and the local people at 9.15 pm. His parents are George and Lilly. Manuel and Akhil are his siblings.


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