In Pakistan, Christians accused of blasphemy for using the word ‘Apostle’!

Pakistan_election_discussion1The Christian Pastor Aftab Gill never thought using the word ‘Rasool’ which means ‘Apostle’ would bring down such a hell upon him. In Punjab, Pakistan, Aftab Gill and other three Christians were accused of blasphemy for pronouncing the word ‘Rasool’. According to local Muslims the use of the word “rasool” is considered blasphemous because the term is used as an attribute of the Prophet Muhammad.

The local Christians say that the Muslims were angry at the use of the word, and were planning to burn the houses and the church of the Christians. The timely intervention of the police saved the event from becoming worse. Nasir Saeed, director of CLAAS notes that “the word rasool was used several times in the Bible in Urdu as a translation of ‘apostles’ and ‘followers’, and therefore the Christians had no blasphemous intention”..