In Cuba, Pope Francis will be a ‘negotiator’

pope-300x214Cuban people are looking forth for the arrival of Pope Francis with hope. He is visiting Cuba at a time when their relationship with America is not going smooth.

“It is not easy to live at odds with your next door neighbor”, Bishop Wilfred Pino Estevez of Guantanamo-Baracoa wrote in his September 1 pastoral letter to the believers. Pope visit as a universal pastor of the church, in the search for reconciliation and peace among the people of the earth, the Bishop says. Cuban people see Pope as a missionary of mercy, Bishop Pino wrote. Many believe that Pope’s visit will heal the wound that exist between Cuba and America.

Pope is expected to meet with Castro, young people, church leaders, families and religious in Havana, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. During his visit from September 19-22, he will celebrate mass in the three Cuban cities.

Pope’s Cuban visit will be his first visit to the Communist country as Pope. He is the third Pope to visit Cuba over the past 17 years. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were the other two Pope who got a chance to visit Cuba before..