‘Illogical’ prayers and Incredible miracles!

IMG_0027It was Mini who taught me the chemistry of prayers. She could pray untiringly.

“I am a naïve one; I never reason out how God is going to give what I pray for. My prayers are often illogical. Sometimes, it becomes an ‘insane’ prayer!” Mini used to say.

But I have witnessed many miracles happening through her prayers. Here I am recounting just a couple of them.
While at London, I happened to meet my old colleague, a schoolmate, with his wife. They had no children. And it grieved them profoundly. Adding to their grief, she succumbed to a very disturbing psoriasis.
Her whole body was festering. She writhed in pain. When Mini visited her in a hospital in London, she had only one request: “please pray that I may die soon!” She couldn’t sleep due to extreme pain. The agony of her body becoming disfigured added to her pain.
On that day, when Mini returned after visiting the patients, she kept weeping incessantly. Then she made a terrible declaration! She would fast until her friend is healed!

I was frightened. Psoriasis is considered an incurable disease. Isn’t it foolish to take such vows for an impossible thing?
“For Jesus, who has raised people from the dead, this is not a big thing” she argued.
I didn’t reply. I thought that she would stop the fasting when she is tired. But, the fasting went on incessantly.
Then she took out her ‘prayer weapons.’ She had gathered some sand from the shores of Israel during our Holy Land trip. “Touched by Jesus’ feet” she used to whisper. She spread the sand on the floor and knelt down in prayer. Then she would pray with extended hands with a crown of thorns around her forehead (it was bought from the Holy Land. They say the same thistles were used to crown Jesus). Any outsider would brand it as intense ‘insanity’! (I have preserved all these artifacts intact, so that I could take them out and pray whenever a personal renewal is needed).
On the eighth day, we heard the relieving news. My friend rang me up from the hospital in London.
“Good news, Santimon. Doctors have confirmed that the ailment is not due to psoriasis. But, due to allergy resulted from some herbs she had as part of her fertility treatment.”

Thank God!

I called Mini. She was not surprised by the news. She asked me: “Didn’t I say that My God will cure her?”
I had no answer. A man of little faith, I felt too small before her.
Some people pray as if they are intensely fighting. They never succumb until victory. I remember the parable of the Judge and the widow in the Gospels. Help me God to pray incessantly… What else can I pray for?
Even some of our dear ones have criticized both of us, because we often spent our time in prayer and retreats. They asked us, “Who would take care of your children?”
Even though we have answered “God will take care”, we have felt pain within. A man who has vainly toiled for ten years in Europe, yet without even a home, and a wife who gives him all support. (In fact we have bought a home after the demise of Mini).


We have two sons. This incident happened when my elder son’s Higher secondary A level result was published. Admission in a reputed university was confirmed. But, she did not want him to study away from home, but wanted to join a university from where he could return home daily. Thus he joined B.Sc. Finance in University of London. That year, fees in England had a hike of three times. Debt was sure, not just for his parents but for the student too. A part time job would help him go through. But where can he get?
He wanted to get a part time job in Finance sector. He asked me where he should seek for. Mini and I began our ‘illogical’ prayers. During the prayer, in a vision, we saw the name ‘British Telecom.’ There was nothing in common between finance and telecom. Yet we believed it was God’s voice.
I asked him to browse the website of British Telecom. God had in store for him a miracle there! A scholarship was jointly sponsored by British Telecom and British Chartered Institute of Management Accounting for six toppers in A level! Twenty thousand pounds per year apart from fees and perks!
“Idea is fine. But will I get?” he was still doubtful.
“God will take care.” I said, and he was convinced.
He went through a chain of tests and interviews. On the night when his final interview was over, he rushed to me and said: “Father, they have selected me!”
This September, he will emerge qualified. He is sure to be appointed as Manager in the Management Accounting team in the same firm with a good salary. He turns 22 this December.
May God’s holy name be praised!
My life is abounding with a number of such experiences of Divine providence. Pray incessantly and untiringly. God will provide indeed.


“Afflicted city, lashed by storms and not comforted, I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise, your foundations with lapis lazuli. I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels, and all your walls of precious stones. All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace.”
(Isaiah 54: 11-13)


Santimon Jacob.