How soccer spreads Gospel in Cameroon?

How soccer spreads Gospel in Cameroon?

CameroonA Colombian missionary in Cameroon spreads the joy of Gospel on every Sunday through soccer. After the Sunday Mass, Father William Cañón would be on the ground with 60 local children.

“After going to the Eucharist, we gather and provide a time of Christian formation; then, with my limited knowledge of sports, we play soccer,” Father Cañón said.

Father Cañón is a fan of Independiente Santa Fe, the Bogota football team which won the Copa Sudamericana last year. He was appointed as a missionary to Mamfe, in southwestern Cameroon, since 2014. He was appointed as a parish priest in Cameroon where he was supposed to do the first evangelization. He found the people of that parish to live with the customs of polygamy, and a culture of machismo. They also suffered from diseases, lack of food, electricity and safe drinking water. But he found a burning thirst for soccer in the children. Thus he used the loophole to bring the children to God’s vicinity.

Many children walks for hours to reach the church on Sundays. After the Mass they would gather in the ground to play. “Seeing them arrive is an unimaginable sight. Some come barefoot, but with great joy on their faces. Most of them are spontaneous and sincere boys. And, above all, they’re grateful, because it’s the only time they have to have fun and dream. Despite the circumstances and difficulties, they’re always there,” the priest said.

“I’m very grateful to God for this beautiful opportunity that he’s given me. And to Santa Fe, for the uniforms. From here, I continue to support my team,” the priest said joyfully.