Golden Ratio of Michaelangelo’s Pieta

Creación_de_Adán_(Miguel_Ángel)Glory of Michaelangelo is timeless. His masterpiece frescos in Sistine Chapel never cease to attract arts lovers from around the world. One of the most striking among these sublime pieces of art is the painting of Creation in which Adam is depicted as a mirror image of God the Creator, who extends his creative finger towards Adam, who aptly reciprocates.

A latest analysis of this fresco published in the Journal Clinical Anatomy, supports the argument that the great sculptor has employed the ‘Golden Ratio’ in picturing this painting.

“The beauty and harmony recognized in all Michelangelo’s works may not be based solely on his knowledge of human anatomical proportions, but that the artist also probably knew anatomical structures that conform to the [golden ratio] display greater structural efficiency,” writes the authors who analyzed the great fresco. “the proportion of lengths of line segments, where the ratio between the lengths of the longer and shorter lines is equal to that of the ratio between the combined lengths of the two lines and the length of the longer line” they adds. The mathematical analysis was performed using Image Pro Plus software 6.0.