First movie on the life of Pope Francis will hit the screens on December 3

First movie on the life of Pope Francis will hit the screens on December 3

filmVolumes have been written about Pope Francis. But a full length feature film on the life of Pope Francis had not yet happened. Now the wait is over. A movie that depicts his life is being filmed.

In the film titled ‘Call Me Francesco’, Argentine actor Rodrigo de la Serna (The Motorcycle Diaries fame) plays the pope as a young man, when he was known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The film covers the time from when the man who would be pope leaves his girlfriend to join the order of the Jesuits through his calling to the Vatican.

“Cinema is a difficult form to depict what happens when one prays. There is a difficultly when it comes to actually doing the job of acting. It was very frustrating for me to meet my limitations, intellectually and spiritually,” Rodrigo said.

Pope Francis Continues His Visit To Rio De JaneiroThe film, based on the book by Giorgio Grignaffini, will cover the the dark years of Argentina’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983 and Bergoglio’s activities to keep those around him safe while people continued to disappear.

Bergoglio is shown working in the poor suburbs of Cordoba before he’s called back to Buenos Aires, rising to the ranks of both archbishop and cardinal, before becoming the first pope ever from the Americas.
The film is set to release on December 3rd. 7,000 people will attend its world premiere at the Vatican on December 1st.