Eritrea is a prison for religions

eritreaReligious freedom is facing its bitterest set back in Eritrea, an African nation located between Sudan and Ethiopia. Christians here are having a hell of a time with seminarians  forced to military service, priests forbidden to leave the country and Christians imprisoned for irrational religious charges.


United Nations issued a detailed report on the brutal experience Christians are undergoing in Eritrea. The report accused the government of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, for blatant human rights violations. People are detained and are put to forced labour.


Catholics, though barely 4% of the entire Eritrean population, is actively involved in the social reforms in the nation with more than 50 schools and 30 health and welfare centres to their credit. The Church has raised the voice of justice against the government abuses, which has angered the authorities.”


Though officially a religion approved by the state, Catholic Church is reportedly devoid of religious freedom: ““On paper we are free to attend our liturgical celebrations, but in reality the government does everything it can to prevent us from doing so”, said the sources, who did not want to reveal the names for security reasons. The government organizes political gatherings or sporting events during Sunday Mass or on the occasion of Christian festivals, even on Good Fridays, as per the sources.