CNMN is a little venture, initiated by a small group of people purely out of the love for Christ. Except our trust in God that has guided us hitherto, we have hardly any investment to carry on this ministry. Yet, we dare to spread this net, for Christ and his people.

Are you ready to lend your hand to CNMN ministry by holding a tiny corner of this net? Just a little helping hand will do. It is enough to spare a little time for God and his people, or spare a little money with CNMN ministry, which will help us to carry out this vision in a professional and most effective manner. God is our assurance, and your money will be immensely valuable before God.

The sources will definitely be acknowledged and the people who give money will be respected. But, it is also our policy that our services cannot be bought or donation could result in any kind of recognition. The foundation will be responsible for every penny received. Utmost transparency will be strictly maintained, and the donors have the right to know about their money whether it is used according to their intention (if intension is specified).