“Do you watch over your students?” asks Pope Francis to the Educators

BN-JF879_POPE07_J_20150705175312His voice resounded that of God when he questioned Cain on Abel: “Where is your brother?” Pope Francis, meek and jovial he is always, turned vehement on the educators in a spirited speech on Tuesday at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.
“My question to you, as educators, is this: Do you watch over your students?” Pope asked the educators gathered, “Do you help them to develop a critical sense, an open mind capable of caring for today’s world?” he continued. “That kind of education only takes place outside the classroom!” The Pontiff stated.
Then he turned towards the students. He said, “the mark of a good education is a feeling of greater responsibility, in the face of today’s problems, to the needs of the poor, concern for the environment.”
Thousands gathered to listened to the Pope at the university despite the drizzle.