Coptic Church promises support to the military fighting evil powers

Egyptian security forces stand guard outside the Coptic Christian church attacked by gunmenCairo: In the official statement issue, Coptic Orthodox Church leaders said that Egyptian military forces fighting the jihadist group have all moral support and prayers to route the evil powers. The Jihadist group had carried out a series of attacks in North Sinai at eighteen army posts yesterday.
Dozens of soldiers were killed in co-ordinated suicide bombings and attacks on army posts. Meanwhile, the government data reveals that more than a hundred jihadists were also killed during the fight. It was also confirmed that the situation in Northen Sinai area is under control.
At least 400 Coptic families reside in Northern Sinai, who have begun to migrate to more secure areas. In Sinai, direct threats against Christians began in July 2013, when the armed forces routed Islamic President Morsi and the Coptic Patriarch openly supported the army.


A. Fraizer.