Colonization today takes the form of ‘drugs’

drugsThe world has witnessed many forms of colonization. Many countries and their people were victimized by colonization for centuries. Philippines, once a Spanish colony, is experiencing today another form of colonization. The ‘drug’ colonization, as Pope Francis would call it. ‘When the Pontiff visited the nation in January this year he had warned the Filipinos not to fall victims to this new forms of colonization’ recalls the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Philippines. The CBCP has issued a pastoral letter on drug abuse these days.


“Certainly, one of the most pernicious forms of ‘colonization’ has to do with the traffic in drugs and their use” says the pastoral letter. The letter is vehement on its attack against the drug sellers, “Drugs feed the evil in a person and present an alternate reality that further isolates him or her from life. Those of who manufacture and peddle drugs destroy persons and communities, in a much worst way than natural calamities.”