Church’s position of homosexuality irrevocable: Nigerian Cardinal

nigeria-john-onaiyekan-cardinalNigerian prelate Cardinal John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja reaffirmed the stance of Catholic Church on same sex marriage, saying, “It is irrevocable.” The Cardinal was speaking during his visit to the diocese of Makurdi.

Cardinal Onaiyekan said that the gaining acceptance to the ‘gay marriage’ worldwide does not mean that it is permissible or legal in the ecclesiastical perspective. “Unfortunately, we are living in a world where these things have now become quite acceptable but for the fact that they are acceptable doesn’t mean that they are right,” he said.

The Cardinal said that even if we become unpopular for not accepting gay marriages, we, the Church need to proclaim the traditional view on marriage. “The Catholic Church considers itself as carrying the banner of the truth in the World that has allowed itself to be so badly deceived,” the Cardinal added.