Church in Uganda bans shouting and rolling during charismatic prayers

Archbishop-Cyprian-Kizito-Lwanga-of-KampalaThe Catholic Church in Uganda banned uncontrolled emotional outbursts of people during charismatic prayer meetings. They had also banned the use of holy oils by lay people too. The Ugandan Church had specified it in a set of guidelines issued by the Uganda Episcopal Conference.

The new rule mentioned in the guidelines emphasized that prayers were to be conducted in places approved by the local bishop. Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga of Kampala announced the guidelines during Chrism Mass. The Archbishop mentioned that the Church would not allow falling, rolling on the ground or shouting during charismatic prayers. He added by saying that it was the Bishop’s responsibility to choose exorcists.

Archbishop Lwanga said that local bishop has the pastoral responsibility to make sure that whatever happens within his diocesan area is in agreement with Catholic traditional practice, doctrine of the Church and Canon Law. He continued by mentioning about the importance of protecting the vulnerable lay faithful from self-styled preachers.