Vatican develops new sex education course for young people

Vatican City: Vatican recently developed a new sex education course to help out parents and educators to talk to teens about sex and to give the right answers for the messages on social media. The course published by the Vatican Council for the Family titled, “The Meeting Point: The Adventure of Love.” It aims to […]

Life is not a video game; says Pope Francis

“Life is not a video game or a soap opera. It is a serious affair since the goal to achieve is eternal salvation,” said Pope Francis on Sunday to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square. On Sunday, the Holy Father’s homily focused on the theme of eternal salvation and referred to the day’s Gospel […]

Pope Francis to visit Assisi again

Vatican City: Pope Francis to make his second visit to Assisi in September. This time, the Pope’s  visit to the country purely mean to participate in an interreligious summit for peace where he would pray along with major Islamic and Orthodox leaders. The scheduled date for the Holy Father’s visit falls on September 20, which marks […]

Pope receives three million followers

Twenty weeks after the installation and 143 posts including a number of videos, Pope Francis’ Instragram account had reached to more than three million followers. Unlike his Twitter account which publishes in nine different languages, there is only an Instragram account for the Pope. Pope Francis had laid the foundation for an Instragram account with […]

The Pope receives a puppet of himself

The crowds were rushing beside the Holy Father, Pope Francis during Wednesday’s general audience. Soon his attention was blocked on a puppet. His eyes were dwelling with wonder. He was so amazed to see the puppet which resembled him. He gazed happily at it for a while, ensuring whether it looked like him. The Pontiff […]

Pope Francis dislikes identifying Islam with violence

Islamic State militant group and Al Qaeda have garnered a grey shade to the Islam religion, and around the world some people have begun to identify Islam with violence. But, Pope Francis is not someone who thinks so. “I do not believe it is right to identify Islam with violence. This is not right and […]

Pope Francis writes preface to book on Mother Teresa

Based on two speeches delivered by Mother Teresa during her meeting with young people and with religious sisters in Milan in 1973, a new book is going to be released. Pope Francis has written the preface for Mother Teresa’s new book titled, “let us love those who are unloved.” In the preface the Holy Father […]

Pope Francis unites young deaf couple in marriage

Vatican City: In his residence at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis united a young Italian deaf couple. Teodoro Pisciottani and Paulina received the rare and golden opportunity to be united by the grace of the Holy Father. Both Teodoro and Paulina serve as the president and vice-president of the Padua chapter of the Deaf Youth […]