Father Boutros, priest kidnapped in Syria, set free

Father Boutros, priest kidnapped in Syria, set free

Father Tony Boutros, a Melkite-Catholic priest reported missing on 12th July is set freed, sources in Syria reports. The news was confirmed by Patriarch Gregory III Laham, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, and Alexandria and Jerusalem. Father Tony Boutros was serving a pastor of the Church of St. Philip the Apostle in Shahba, […]

Islamic State kidnapped Christians in Syria

Islamic State kidnapped Christians in Syria

The extremist terrorist gang, Islamic State, has kidnapped about 230 persons in Syria. It is feared that there are many Christians included in the abducted. The people were abducted in early August when the extremist group’s militants captured a central Syrian town. Even though the exact number of abducted Christian is unclear, Syria-based activist Bebars […]

Feeding 4000 Syrian refugees, they celebrated their wedding in heaven!

Feeding 4000 Syrian refugees, they celebrated their wedding in heaven!

In a world that squanders millions to embellish themselves, here you have a luminous Turkish couple who has set an example for the whole world to follow. Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat from Turkey chose a different way to celebrate their wedding which was held near the Syrian border last week. They invited some of […]

Cardinal Filoni expects Pope Francis in Iraq soon

Iraq is a nation where Christians are tortured brutally. Many Christians have fled their native lands and have lost hope. Mosul is devastated under the severe attack of the Islamic State terrorists. In this juncture, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, sincerely hope that Pope Francis will visit Iraq […]

Thousands of schools closed down in Yemen

The warfare is adversely affecting the future of Yemen, as around 2 million children are forced to abandon their schools, while more than 3,600 schools were closed down. According the reports given by UNICEF, is the impact of the crumbling educational system is going to have devastating impact on the future. Yemen, fighting with Houthi […]

“Iran’s Nuclear Deal an answer to prayers” Fr. Hormoz

“We give thanks to Christ for the new nuclear deal” said Hormoz Aslani Baboudi, the National Director of Iran’s Pontifical Missionary society. “”I can certainly say that all Christians, along with all the Iranian people are rejoicing because their prayers were answered,” Fr. Hormoz said.   Fr. Hormoz also added that now on it would […]

Abducted Franciscan priest released in Syria

Prayers were pouring out from all over for this Franciscan priest kidnapped last week. Fr. Dhiya Aziz, a member of Franciscan missionaries serving in the Holy Land was abducted by some unknown militants, is released as per the reports. The Franciscan authorities thanked everyone who has prayed for the release of the priest.   Fr. […]

Food poisoning kills 45 Islamic State terrorists

Mosul in Iraq, the land that has witnessed brutal killings of innocent people by the Islamic State terrorist group, has now witnessed a reversal of fate. 45 terrorists, who had gather along with their terrorist companions to break the fast for Iftar feast, fainted and died immediately after they had eaten the meals. They were […]

A wall on Cremisan Valley will leave a deep wound on Catholic hearts

The decision by Israel’s Supreme Court to allow the building of the separation barrier through the historic Cremisan Valley has shocked Catholics in the Middle East. The Cremisan Valley is located on the seam line between West Bank and Jerusalem. One of the last green areas in the Bethlehem district, the Valley is a home […]

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